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Our international team, led by Platô Cultural and The Necessary Space, with support from the Eldorado Institute, combines diverse expertise in gaming, immersive experiences, art, education, and social impact.

"only the education can change the future"
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- 2024


the team

we are driven by the desire to promote hope and by blurring the boundaries and disciplines of what is possible in a changing world we know we invite you to join us in making positive change the norm.

Born in 1985 in São Bernardo do Campo/SP, Samuel pursued
Multimedia Design from 2004 to 2006, where he discovered his passion for the world of computer graphics/ animation. He specialized through various courses and has been working in studios in the field of art and 3D ever since.


Simon Sharkey is a world renowned artist best known for being one of the founding directors of The National Theatre of Scotland, where, he pioneered the " Theatre Without Walls" approach across the globe. Since leaving NTS he has built "The Necessary Space" which is a global studio network for artists working in the field of social impact.


Francine Kiemann is an interdisciplinary artist and immersive experience designer. She is the founder and director al Plat6 Cultural, a Brazilian based company working globally towards embedding " creative immersive learning" in schools and communitics.

Ariel has over 14 years of game industry experience, having shipped over 10 games, participating in every phase of development, from preproduction to post-launch game maintance leading a live ops team.
Ariel has acted as a Lead Game Developer for over 6 years and now leads the game development area of Instituto Eldorado.

Lucy Wheeler, creative technologist and immersive artist. She is creative technology lead for XR immersive experience - projects supported by Arts Council England, Story Futures, BFI and XR Stories. Appointed artist-in-residence for Mediale in 2023. She has shared insights at Beyond, Edinburgh International Culture Summit, Serpentine FAE, Tomorrow's Engineer Week and lectures at London College of Fashion.

Marcia Doncocit an educaior cre
arist-researches She'S the Head on Eduction al Plota Culura, Her roe 3 leading curriculum development and alenment, training teachers and teaching artists, in addition to coorainating research and evaluation of social and educational impact. She holds a postgraduate degree, in Art, Body and Education (2010), a Master's Degree (2012) and a splitsite Ph.D. (2019) in Performing Arts from UFRGS and Coventry University/UK

Maria Eduarda is a talented designer at the Eldorado Institute of Technologies, specializing in endomarketing and internal marketing. She excels in creating exclusive programs for women, engaging internal campaigns, and visual identities for employer branding. Maria has significantly contributed to brand rebranding and created captivating illustrations for comics and games.

Mauricio works as a Concept Artist for the gaming and film industry. He has worked as freelance in multiple creative projects since 2010. His recent works in the concept art scene and in interdisciplinary projects has given him industry level of experience and familiarity with the game creation pipeline.

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